Customized services: Translations

As a translator, my aim is to turn your Dutch text into one that reads as if it had been written by an educated native speaker of English. My translations are meant to be thought-for-thought, rather than merely word-for word. 

Translating a text always involves being an attentive and critical reader. As an independent contractor, I am fortunate to have direct contact with my customers. That means I can normally consult the author directly if I have any questions about what he or she is trying to say in the text. As a result, you can be sure that my translations always hit the nail on the head.

If the Dutch original is going to be published alongside the English translation, I can also make a note of any mistakes or unclear passages I find in the original text. Indeed, several of my regular customers have come to rely on my careful reading and correction of their Dutch texts while I am translating those into English.