Customized workshops or coaching in English

Is it time to upgrade your written or spoken English?

I offer both in-company workshops and individual coaching to refresh and rapidly improve the participants’ command of English in writing and/or speech. Depending on your (organization’s) needs, my training programs range in length from half a day to several days spread out over a number of weeks or months.

Would you like to write more effective reports – and do that more efficiently? 

I can help you identify your core message, select the most relevant supporting information, and structure and formulate that material in ways that will make it more accessible to your readers and save you time in the process.

Are you struggling with a particular text you need to write?

I can help you get started (or get back on track), steer your writing process and give you tips for tightening up your use of English for the specific kind of texts you need to write.

Do you want to feel more confident – and sound more natural – when speaking English at meetings or on the phone? 

Through in-company workshops or individual coaching I can help you “talk the talk” more confidently in a variety of situations (including business meetings and scientific conferences). If you prefer, we can also focus on “losing” your (Dutch, Chinese, Italian, etc.) accent in English.

Let me tailor a program to your specific needs and learning objectives!

My workshops are always tailored to the individual participants. On the basis of intake questionnaires, brief conversations and/or recent text samples, I can design a training or coaching program that is specifically targeted to meet your specific needs.