My areas of expertise as a trainer / coach

I can help you:
  • refresh and strengthen your command of written and spoken English
  • recognize and correct the mistakes you may not even realize you are making in English (incorrect verb tense, ‘false friends’, etc.)
  • get rid of your writer’s block and master the writing process
  • write effective and reader-friendly reports with less time and effort
  • fine-tune your written English to meet the particular demands of peer-reviewed (scientific / academic) journals
  • streamline your presentation to say things more concisely
  • create content for printed and online media
  • master the ins and outs of business correspondence
  • gain confidence in speaking English at meetings or on the telephone
  • lose your ‘foreign’ accent  (Dutch, Chinese, Italian, German, etc.)
  • tweak your logic to present more persuasive arguments
  • present information effectively for a cross-cultural audience.