Consulting on language and style

Clients sometimes ask me to help them develop a style of English that will match the specific character of the company or organization.  In some cases that involves drafting a style sheet that will continue to expand and evolve over the years. In other cases it means creating a comprehensive style guide to be used by all of the organization’s contributing writers and editors. As style sheets and style guides help streamline the processes of both writing and editing, they can help substantially reduce editing costs for the client.

For an international company based in Switzerland I carried out a large-scale benchmark study, comparing the style of my client’s own texts with those of six other companies that cater to the same, highly specific segment. In a subsequent assignment I helped the firm develop a comprehensive, bespoke style guide.

At the recent SENSE 2018 Conference I gave a presentation on ‘Mid-Atlantic English’ as a guiding principle in creating style guides for European companies that prefer to navigate somewhere in between UK English and US English conventions. The audience consisted of professional translators and editors from around the world.

Could a customized style guide be of interest to your organization?