Testimonials: Consulting on language and style

“We contracted Tom to conduct a thorough analysis of our firm’s written language, with a special emphasis on how we are using the Mid-Atlantic style of English in comparison with a number of selected reference companies. Tom produced an exceptionally detailed and well-researched report that helped us understand the linguistic subtleties of Mid-Atlantic English as well as how we can improve the elegance and consistency of our corporate communication. Tom was highly professional at all times, navigating a complicated brief with skill and patience. His services as a language consultant come highly recommended to anyone looking to enhance their use of English.”

— Karolina Laubscher, Head of Group Marketing, Henley & Partners, 2017

“Tom provided invaluable assistance to Henley & Partners in the development of our in-house style guide. It was Tom’s guidance that helped transform my first draft into a professional, sleek, and workable document that could be distributed to all the major stakeholders in the firm. His insights into the English language and how best to communicate its nuances to a wider audience were truly brilliant. I would recommend his consulting and editorial services to anyone working in the corporate, academic, or creative sphere.”

— Dr. Daniela Franca Joffe, Special Projects Manager, Henley & Partners, 2018